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Khodaei Machinery Company

Started to manufacture air filter devices in 2001 with the aim of improving the quality and growth of the industry. Produce with quality and take effective steps in the field of manufacturing industrial machinery.

Khodaei Machinery Company, after gaining years of experience in the field of production and manufacture of industrial machinery such as fully automatic polyurethane foam injection machine, semi-automatic polyurethane foam injection machine, wood foam injection machine and parts, automatic laminate adhesive mixer machine and sting production line Brick production machine (brick robot) has succeeded in producing and offering to its customers.

In this company, an effort has been made to provide basic and required information in relation to the areas of activity and services that this company provides to customers and craftsmen, so that they can use their opinions, suggestions and criticisms with constructive communication and meet the expectations of their customers. Provide and take longer steps to improve the current situation to provide better service

It is hoped that with the best efforts and services in the field of industry, we will witness the growth and development of the country every day and we will be able to have an honest service for the growth and excellence of our country.